Father walking with his kids in the park at sunset.


Often what our wonderful dads do for us gets overshadowed by the efforts put in by our mothers. However, our dads are our superheroes working day in and day out for us whilst getting little to no recognition for it.

This Father’s Day, let’s take out some special time to spend with our dads and tell them how much we appreciate them in our lives.

Here is a last minute gift guide for your dads which will definitely put a smile on their face!


Perfumes are the easiest last minute option which make an amazing gift if chosen according to taste. If your dad loves his perfume collection, surprise him with something he can add to it. He will love it!

2. Fitbit

Whether you already have a fitness-freak dad or want yours to become a little more health conscious. Fitbit is your safest bet. It will surely make them more enthusiastic about their fitness journey and will be something they truly cherish.

3. Books

Books are a man’s (read dad) best friend. Gift him a book if he is into reading and it will surely make his day. You can give him a book that you’ve already read so you can have a post-book discussion with him.


If your dad loves his cozy loungewear, maybe it’s time to gift him some new ones. We all know that our dads are so busy making sure we have what we need that they often ignore what they need themselves!

5. Personalised wallet

This  will surely be a hit with your dad if he likes carrying wallets. Personalise it with his initials and a cute little message and he will adore it!

6. A spa day

Nothing makes a dad happier than a nice body massage. After all, he has been working really hard and totally deserves it. Book your fathers in for a nice spa day at a salon. This will surely make a lovely present for him.

7. A gift basket

If all else fails, gift him a basket full of his favourite munchies and you’re sorted! Daddies love nothing more than some yummy treats while watching their favourite tv shows!

Bonus tip: Gift him a basket of mangoes and you will be his favourite kid forever!


Article by Mehrunnisa Mubasher.


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