MNS Cinema fully bans Pakistani artists


The political rivalry between India and Pakistan is affecting the cultural and media sector: MNS Cinema fully bans Pakistani artists

Whilst the cultural and media sector of both countries is striving for one love, small group of politicians belonging to the extreme right wing parties keep on hindering the peace. The media industry is a way to bring both nations together and get creative.

Mahira Khan recently stated in an interview with Indian film critic Anupama Chopra that she wishes to take on more projects in India. Khan will soon be appearing in a web series titled ‘Yaar Julahay’, a project by Zee Theater, an Indian OTT platform. She also admitted her fear towards the political differences between India and Pakistan.

Times of India
recently shared the counter argument of Indian politician Raj Thackeray’s nationalist right wing party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. They reported his statement conveying the message that Pakistani artists aren’t welcome or allowed to work in India. The president of the MNS, Ameya Khoplar, quoted the following announcement: “We will not allow Mahira or any other Pakistani artists to work here be it Maharashtra or in any part of the country.”

However we all can agree how much we all loved seeing our starlet Mahira Khan alongside the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan, we condemn the declarations by MNS. Nothing in this world can come between the unbreakable bond of artists from across the globe coming together and creating entertaining content through films, music, series and art.

While growing up all of us have watched Indian films and series, and vice versa. We show our love for India by jamming to the Bollywood songs and they show us love by showing appreciation towards our Pakistani singers. Artists from both nations shall stand together during these trying times and welcome one another with open arms. Artists from both countries are equally talented and capable to generate content.

When Mahira Khan disclosed during the interview that there are projects with amazing content she didn’t want to miss out on, it completely broke our hearts. Political differences could lead to minor forms of discrimination which is being the case here.

However everyone is subconsciously involved with the political differences across the border, we’re glad we still have rolemodels who stand for one love. If India takes one step towards us, Pakistan takes two steps further. Recently, Faisal Edhi conveyed in a letter to PM Modi that he wanted to assist during the Covid-19 outbreak in India.

We will forever stand for one love and would love to see both countries working together, because in the end, art is what keeps us together.




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