Fashion/Lifestyle Blogs You Should Follow RN!

Are you an avid instagram user just like us? Do you like to keep a track of what’s new, what’s trending, all fashion and beauty related news?

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite lifestyle/beauty bloggers for you to take inspiration from

1- Shanzay Sheikh

Currently living in London yet a desi pakistani by heart. We love Shanzay Sheik’s immaculate style! She’s not a ‘blogger’ but has a functioning Instagram brimming with beautiful photography and keen subtitles. Follow her for some incredible style motivation


2- Natasha Khalid (@natashasalon)

Beauty guru and owner of Natasha Salon, we love Natasha’s aura! She delivers bite-sized video tutorials on dramatic beauty looks such as glittery eyeshadow and bold lips on her feed. Be sure to bookmark and follow before your next night out.


3- Milki. Milki. Milki.

Run by 2 delightful friends, they are new to the universe of blogging however have unquestionably prevailed upon us with their instagram feed! We love the vibe of their page. Follow them for lifestyle/beauty tips.


4- Mahira Ali Xeeshan (@mahiraqk)

Besides her exquisite style and winning smile, Mahira is likewise designer Ali Xeeshan’s better half. You’d frequently observe her wearing beautiful clothes. Follow her and express gratitude toward us later


5- Sophiya Salim Khan

Sophiya’s not really a ‘blogger’ but we love all her looks, she’s a master at pulling together chic yet effortless looking outfits! Love her unique style. Follow now!


6- Awardrobe Affair

Right now set for purchase less and wear more, that is what her instagram bio says. We love Amber’s exemplary style, a style that will last consistently. Follow her in case you’re after the best perpetually pieces


7- Hira Bleeh

Pakistani’s most adored blogger, If you’re following Hira, you know that she doesn’t have one specific style, she simply have fun with fashion and dresses according to her mood. She does everything from styling to taking her own photos and altering every one of her videos. Follow, incase you aren’t following.


8- Rebellious Brownie

We love Naiha’s chic yet easy style. Her immersed and special photography is the thing that separates her from the rest. Follow for everyday style inspo!


Did we miss your preferred blogger? Let us know!

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