How to safely shop groceries to prevent COVID-19 From Entering Home

Pakistan has been on a lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19 , which means leaving your home in any event, for a fast excursion to the supermarket currently requires a ton of arranging.

There are some important precautionary measures that should be taken in order to prevent covid19 from entering your home.


The Basic

Recollect the nuts and bolts, utilize a hand sanitiser before entering and in the wake of leaving the store. Consistently, have a veil on and don’t contact your eyes, nose or mouth while in the store. During your visit, it is best not to contact any surface or staple thing superfluously and just get what is required. Last thing to recollect: attempt to stay away from the store on the off chance that it is packed and select off-top occasions.

Food Deliveries:

While It’s best to avoid food deliveries but It is essential to recall that COVID-19 isn’t transmitted through food. Decide for contactless conveyance and for food to be conveyed in an assigned spot at your home, which can be gathered after the delivery guy has left. When you have gotten your dinner, move the food into home holders and dispose of the remove compartments. Make a point to take care of the holders in a shut dustbin as quickly as time permits. By and by, wash hands with cleanser and water. Clean and purify the table when consuming the take nourishment.

Purify Kitchen

Do you need to clean and purify your kitchen in the wake of looking for food supplies?

As the infection can make due on kitchen surfaces from a couple of hours to a few days, it is critical to purify the kitchen subsequent to shopping. Clean all the surfaces with a disinfectant containing 70 percent liquor.

Take A Shower

If you go out for groceries or for any other reason, once you come back, take a shower and wash the clothes that you were wearing instantly.


Stay safe, stay home and take all precautionary measures!

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