Five Ways To Curb Anxiety Caused By Lockdown

Things are really in a jeopardy these days

The uncertainty, lack of motivation and slow pace of life has really been playing with everyone’s minds lately.

Now is the stage when cooking, reading or even watching your favourite tv shows has become quite boring.


So here are 5 things you can do to curb all that anxiety, restlessness and agitation

1.Get Ready and Feel Good About Yourself

Lets face it, we have been looking homesless for quite sometime now.

Guys, get a bubble bath, blow dry your luscious hair and put on some makeup.

Tried and tested, you’ll feel amazing!

Oh and ofcourse you can click pictures for your gram 😉

2.Take a walk or Sit Out and Take Some Fresh Air

Wear those mask and gloves and take a walk in your street or maybe just chill in the garden for an hour and look at those plants around. Trust us, its therapeutic.

Even scientifically proven.

It will make your mind more fresh and calm.

3.Do more human interaction via technology

Make those skype/zoom/houseparty calls and socialise virtually.

We are in it together and only we can make each other feel better!

Talk about your worries and stresses because we might have a solution for each other.

Hang in there!

4.Plan your future as if this is the new normal

Don’t dwell on the past, take it as the new normal and plan your life accordingly for some time atleast.

If your business is suffering, mould it according to today’s times, on how you can cater in this situation.

Tough times dont last, tough people do.

5.Pray and Pray More

Anything which is the absolute truth is the existence of Allah and what better time to understand this.

Lets be grateful to Him for all that He has given us and pray for better times.

He can do magic and this hope and faith can make you move mountains 🙏🏻

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