Busting Pregnancy Myths!

Most people have heard pregnancy-related advice or information, which often focuses on what different symptoms mean, how to tell the sex of the baby, and what a woman can and cannot do during pregnancy.

Although some pieces of information, particularly those from healthcare professionals, can be accurate and helpful, lots of myths circulate pregnancy.

Here, we look at some popular myths and explain the truth behind them.

Myth: A woman should eat for two when pregnant

While it is true that women may need to increase their caloric intake slightly when pregnant, they should avoid overeating.

Myth: A woman should avoid exercising when pregnant

Most women should engage in light-to-moderate exercise during pregnancy.

Myth: A woman will be happy and glowing all the time

Pregnancy can be difficult for many women. Hormones, body changes, and tiredness can take their toll on both physical and mental health, as well as affecting a woman’s mood.

Myth: Vaginal delivery is not possible after a cesarean delivery

In reality, a woman may be able to have a vaginal birth following a previous cesarean delivery. The decision to give birth via a cesarean or vaginal delivery depends on how the current pregnancy is progressing, the woman’s labor, and the risk of any potential complications.

Myth: Morning sickness only happens in the morning

Nausea (and/or vomiting) during pregnancy can occur at any time of day, due to changes in your hormones. For most women, it’s more common in the morning and begins to improve after 3 months. But for some women, it’s different.



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