#InTheSpotlight: Sadaf Fawad Khan

Wife to a superstar husband yet making name as one of the most established designer of the country, Sadaf Fawad has made a niche for herself.

Years of determination, commitment and sheer passion for what she does, Sadaf is a multitasker donning many hats.

As the wedding season takes a break for a month for Ramadan, we caught the esteem designer Sadaf Fawad herself for a little chit chat!

1.What is the most satisfying thing about being independent and a working woman?

A busy mind and a productive day.

2.Managing kids or work, whats more challenging on individual level?

Both are equally challenging. I am very passionate about my work so it’s emotionally taxing as well. I can’t say either of the two is easier. For me it’s the same amount of work .

3.Your most memorable experience in your career as yet?

Everything I have done so far has had its own little way of making a memory and contributing to the journey. I don’t want to rate them. Each time one does something , it’s increasingly better than what they’ve done earlier because there’s been learning and evolution. To me each product development , each shoot each collection is a memorable experience in my career.

4. One piece of advice you would want to give yourself?

Start the day early.

5.What do You think celebrity endorsement helps or its actually the work that speaks?

Celebrity endorsements increase your reach and visibility but it does not in anyway make a business successful . What sells is the quality of product . A business cannot grow on one time sales , if the quality isn’t there and the customer service isn’t good enough it’s a journey downhill .

6.One trend in Pakistani brides you would want to see?

Simplicity and individuality.To believe that less is more at times and that one must let their true self shine on their big day instead of being pressured to look like another person. It is not important to look like a poster girl or get a bridal jora that a dozen other brides are going to be wearing.

7.Will you be jumping on the bandwagon of introducing your own luxury lawn collection in future?

I don’t think there is any luxury in lawn. It’s a necessity for countries like ours and it should be kept as simple as possible. I’m glad some players in the market are putting that on the table admist tonnes of other overloaded lawn joras. I don’t think at the moment I have any unique ideas which I can put out under my label . Maybe when there is something worth advertising ,I’d consider trying that as well.



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