PLBW18 Day 3 : BEST Appearances of the Fashion Week!

With all the glitz and glamour and a spectacular Day 3, PLBW 2018 concluded tonight!

Here is a quick recap of the RED CARPET!

Good, Bad and the Ugly!

Mahira Khan

No celebrity in our country comes close to Mahira Khan! Definitely she’s the only superstar of Pakistan.

In love with this soft lavender power suit on this power girl! Our Best Dressed of the Day!

Some more stellar looks for tonight! Take note guys, this is how its done!

Zainab Malik

Anusheh Shahid

Anushae Mughal

Zoe Khan

And now some shockers! OH NO!

Zara Peerzada

Now this is one major WTF moment! Why would Zara try this hard, We wanna know!

Failing miserably in whatever goal behind it was *cant see*

Ammara Hikmat

Ummm, She could have been her usual self and made a better impression honestly. Just a polite advice: Checkout sister #AymenHikmat’s Day 1 look please 😉

And this was it, rest looks were average which qualify for none of our list !


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