PLBW18: DAY 1’s Report!

PLBW is possibly the most exciting fashion event of the year in Lahore.

Who’s who of fashion industry (which is honestly bigger industry in Pakistan than our entertainment industry at the moment) are frowing and how!

We on the other hand are excited each year because we get to rate our Best and Worst Dressed of all for you!

(Alll in good vibes guys, we are surely not giving Oscars so Chill if you have made it into either 😉 )

Unlike’s last year’s, This year’s Day 1 was packed with some stellar collections and definitely a good turnout!

Not to miss the celebrity quotient too!

Maya Ali showstopper for Nomi Ansari

Saba Qamar showstopper for Saira Shakira

Ali Zafar with wife Ayesha Fazli

Now lets show you our Top 3 Best Dressed!

Shehrbano Taseer

Honestly we are a fan of this look. Solid, Understated and Impact full. Definitely less is more!

Sophia Salim Khan

Making a fashion statement and hitting all the right notes with it is rare, especially at PLBW, But this girl just rocked her look and how!

Rema Taseer

Boss Lady Rema Taseer wore tt and owned it. Guess that was her mantra for tonight and she made sure her look was not a miss!

Here’s a surprise, the Best Dressed list was short lived! So just to balance it out we only chose the Worst 3 too!

Mehek Saeed

This stylist hardly makes it to worst dressed we believe but then there’s always a first time. We’re as amused and confused as this look is tbh

Rehmat Ajmal

Not sure if she was just walking by the street getting groceries and someone asked for the picture or she really chose this look. One question Why though?

Hussain Rehar

We don’t have anything to say but ask, Ali Xeeshan in making?

Disclaimer: All is meant in good fun!

Fore more updates stay tuned to People Pakistan!

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