Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Tweets And People Are Losing It!

As we all know, Nawaz Sharif’s wife and former First Lady of Pakistan Kalsoom Nawaz breathed her last today.

The courageous lady who valiantly fought cancer in her last days is being returned to her homeland Pakistan for her final rites.


From PM Imran Khan to other notable personalities, everyone took to social media to offer their condolences to Sharif family.

However one tweet caused an uproar on social media and honestly we also think its too insensitive!

It was by none other than die hard PTI supporter and actor Hamza Ali Abbasi

Ummm, we’re speechless. But lets show you how people are reacting!

Some just hitting direct to the point!

While some are questioning his existence


Some are coming up with some kick ass solutions :’)

And some reactions just totally made sense!

We think that sometime one really needs to be human than anything else and Hamza Ali Abbasi really needs to know.

What are your thoughts?

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