Our Fitness Expert Tells You 5 Easiest Ways To Lose Body Fat!

Hey YOU!

Yes YOU right there reading this! Have you always dreamt of having a flat tummy?

Have you ever wanted those beautiful collar bones of yours to show but all that pizza and cake keep getting in the way?

Have you ever been a victim of body shaming?

Well, today is your lucky day!

We got fitness expert advice on how to get rid of that excess body fat, cut on carbs and tone your body so YOU can wear that favourite outfit of yours, that once upon a time used to fit you, again!


1. Have 5 small meals per day rather than the typical breakfast, lunch and dinner. Space each meal with 3 hour gaps.
2. Cut salt from your diet!
3. Increase your water intake. Have atleast 3 litres of water per day. 
4. Cut carbs at night and increase your protein intake. Make sure you’re getting protein in all 5 meals.
5. Opt for high intensity interval training instead of cardio. 

And there you have it, people of Pakistan! The right way to get your dream body

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