Celebrities And The Evolution Of Stylists!

Fashion has really revolutionised in Pakistan since few years! With upcoming drool worthy designer outfits to styling, everything is top notch now

However something struck us when we went over some of the old pictures of our celebrities

That was

Oh God, What a change to witness!

Celebrity looks have taken a 360 degrees change literally!

It actually started after the emergence of stylists in our country, And Oh Boy, we are so glad!

Don’t believe us?


Scroll down to see the difference from then and now and have your jaws drop!


1. Mahira Khan

With such an innocent face, Mahira Khan managed to look pretty in fashion disasters like these.

Its just not a journey from Lux to Cannes, but a revolution!

And Some More!



2. Sajal Aly

No doubt Sajal is an actor par excellence but definitely not a fashion critic favourite! Its just that she still isnt working with some good stylists. But but, we still think she has come a long way! 

See for yourself!


3. Saira Shahroz

Saira is a real life doll who wasn’t that off with her fashion choices earlier too. But the difference is still worth noticing!


4. Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar is one of the celebrity now that is making some amazing fashion choices these days but dare to see the past?

Well, You have to!

5. Maya Ali

Maya Ali is working on herself and we can see! More power to you, We sure are waiting for more. Till then see the difference  made!


To wrap it up, we want to appreciate our celebrities and stylists who are changing the fashion game because films and television is definitely a visual medium and we love our well turned celebs!

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