France Bans Carrying Fake Bags and We React!

I’ve got it all
Jimmy Choo and Manolos,
Prada, Galliano
Cant get enough
I want more and more

Well well, hold on! Not any more!


According to latest buzz and a post by (verified), France has apparently banned not only buying and selling of fake bags but also their usage!

It is said that anyone found carrying a fake luxury designer bag will be charged with €300000 fine and can also lead to 3 years imprisonment!

As soon as this news got viral, we had lots of views on it!

Most of them were concerned what if this law comes to Pakistan *ouch*

While some were actually coming up with ideas on what to do!

And there were also few others who thought this was totally uncalled for!

On whole, We really dont know if this helps economy or justifies the buyers of original products in France but what we do know is that this law AIN’T coming to Pakistan 😂

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