Top 5 Pakistani Advertisements that show the Real Super Women!

We should be thankful to God that we live in times when women are being considered as equals. Not only women nowadays are independent but also are running affairs where several men are dependent on them. And we’re not talking just as house help!

Just as powerful as women force can be,
Here are some of our favourite Top 5 advertisements that rose to fame for breaking stereotypes against women in Pakistan.

First up

1. No limit to age in getting married by Generation

Generation’s advertisement plots are always food for thought. We do live in a society where aunties prefer 20 year olds even for their 35 year old sons and girls above 25 are considered late for marriage, We cant help but applaud Generation for thier commendable ad!

Marriage should definitely be only when only you think its the right time!

2. Follow your Dreams Advert by QMobile

There are a lot of girls in Pakistan who dont have a freedom to choose their colleges themselves, let alone their careers (that too if allowed).

QMobile very beautifully depicted how a young girl rose to be an accomplished cricketer against her father wish and how at the end she made him proud of her choice.
With all the emotions in tact, this advertisement made everyone cry and realise how following your dream can be the most amazing thing ever!

Best TVC !

3. Main Perfect Hoon Campaign by Gul Ahmed

We all associate the ‘Main Apni Favourite Hoon’ line to Kareena Kapoor!

But shouldnt that be for every girl/woman?
And why not, We all are unique and beautiful in our own way and we Thank GulAhmed for breaking the stereotype against one set image for perfect girl!

4. Plus Size is not a curse by Generation

Once again, Generation makes it to our list of advertisements breaking stereotypes against women.

We love this idea of a curvy, size plus woman modelling for the clothes in comparison to a thin, tall one. Because a woman is beautiful in every which way and so is the consumer of their product!

5. Kenwood TVC

Sometimes a strong message can also be conveyed in the most light and humorous way and this is what this Kenwood Inverter ad is about.

It breaks the stereotype set against women as oppressors. It reflects that women of today are aware, they think and they command respect and dignity loud and clear, be it from their husband, father or son!
If you mess with them then you gotta bear the brunt! Not Letting Go!

In short we think women are a blessing and they are not just equal to men but superior!
Womanhood is a celebration today, tomorrow and forever!

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