Reprise version of “Allah Waariyan” by Neha Pandey!

Reprise version of “Allah Waariyan” by Neha Pandey!

Dubai based singer, Neha Pandey has just released her new song, reprise version of the song “Allah Waariyan” and we are blown away! No doubt that after listening to her reprise version, you can replace the original song in your playlist.

One of the most indispensable part of any film has been the singers. They are the reason that the music and the songs of the film become a hit.

Neha on how her singing journey started:

“I have been singing since childhood. I’ve sung in a church choir, fronted a rock band, have taken part in reality TV shows – and eventually combined all these experiences and learnings and started writing my own songs.”

Her ultimate goal is:

“I want to set musical trends. I want to be known for contributions towards art and society, and to inspire other women.”

Well, this talented woman is surely one to watch out for!

Our good wishes are with Neha!

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