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PM to be, Imran Khan annoyed over this particular thing

Imran Khan has officially been named as the candidate for the office of the prime minister by the PTI’s MNAs-elect in a meeting held today. Khan’s oath ceremony will be held on Aug 14 Insha’Allah

But Khan has expressed his annoyance over something earlier today

He was given prime minister protocol from Bani Gala to the hotel and Khan kind of lost his cool and directed the authorities to withdraw the protocol immediately

He said: “I was given official protocol while coming here today, the country cannot be run like this, urged party leaders to “save the money of the nation so it can spent on public welfare.” -Imran Khan

As soon as Khan reached the hotel, to attend the parliamentary meeting, he immediately sent all police vehicles back.

We know that he’s against VIP Protocols but there’s a difference between protocol and security, as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, especially in a country like ours, he should atleast keep some security for his safety🙏

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