Girls Who Ruled The Eid Day 1


Eid this year around has been engulfed in yet another wave of Covid

With attacks on Palestine also kept heart heavy in these sad and unprecedented times.

However, anything which keeps you going is worth mentioning. So we are all for everyone who celebrated Eid and kept morales high

Our Insta feed on Eid day was filled with too many joyous pictures yet we managed to select some of our favourite looks!

Lets get started!

Alishay Adnan in Shamsha Hashwani

Kiran Malik in Faiza Saqlain

Alyzeh Gabol In Faraz Manan

Manal Tabani in Ansab Jahangir

Muzi Sufi In Faiza Saqlain

Sadaf Kanwal In Shamsha Hashwani


Zarminay in Nadia Khan

That’s all folks! 
Do you think we missed someone? 
Let us know in the comments 


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