Five Best Moments From Friends Reunion


Lets be honest, We all lived a dream yesterday.

After 17 long years, the cast of Friends came together for a little reunion and Oh God what memories.

Just tears and more tears, every emotion so so real.

We cried, laughed, felt friendships and all things ‘Friends’ once again

However there were 5 moments from the whole  telecast of the reunion which took our little piece of heart with them

1.The one by one reunion of the cast in the OG Apartment

Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, Chandler and Rachel, come together in the lilac walled apartment one by one and heart explodes. The best part was how real their friendship is even off screen. No wonder they all were crying themselves and literally wiping tears off other’s faces. Ahhhhhh

2.Ross and Rachel aka David and Jennifer were crushing over each other in real life too

Yaaasss! Its the truth. When they were asked if there was any kind of romance off screen while filming the show, Jen and David didnt shy away from admitting that they indeed were crushing over each other during the first few seasons however it never went anywhere considering everytime one of the person was always in a relationship elsewhere. To which Matt aka Joey said ‘Bullshit’ and they all laughed and David assured that they never crossed boundaries.

When the host asked other if they knew, Everyone said that they all knew!

David and Jen believe all those feelings went into their characters and we can’t agree more.

Just imagine if it would have been the other way round today!

But honestly we are not complaining, We just love them all as ‘Friends’.

3.When the cast enacts and recalls their scenes

All 6 of them discuss their favourite scenes, enacts few and even share BTS stories and it was sooo wholesome!

4.The Friends Fashion Show and Celebrities and Public coming together for Friends


We saw a lot of celebrities like David Beckham, Malala Yousafzai and people from across the globe coming together for their favourite show and how it has made an impact in their lives.

Lady Gaga singing Smelly Cat with Phoebe was just iconic.

Also Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevinge, Justin Bieber all came for the little well put fashion show in Friends’ iconic fashion looks.

However the best of the lot was Matt Leblanc himself brings the look of wearing all of Chandler’s clothes alive once again

5.These Friends are family

Best part for us was how real are their emotions for each other, exactly the same as jn that show. When they said ‘I’ll be there fore you’, they really meant it.

Matthew Perry aka Chandler tells how if anyone one of them meet each other anywhere, then that is it for them. Whether its party or anything, if they meet anyone of them they excuse from the others and then are with each other the whole time.

They are there for each other always❤️

We can go and on about Friends but you tell us which part of the Friends Reunion you loved the most!


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