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First Digital Cover: Featuring Ali Xeeshan and Myrah Ali – PEOPLE PAKISTAN

First Digital Cover: Featuring Ali Xeeshan and Myrah Ali

Time For The Big Reveal!

Celebrations in the house as we reveal our First Digital Cover featuring the dynamic and most humble couple on block, #AliXeeshan and #MyrahAli


We are deeply obliged to this most down to earth duo who went an extra mile for us!


Let’s take you through our exclusive chat with Ali and Myrah discussing marriage, work and their future goals with us.


Q1- With so much uncertainty around, What is the one thing that is keeping you sane?

My work is something that’s keeping me sane! Seeing my collections being executed exactly how I want them to be always lightens up my mood

Q2. How do you think Covid 19 is going to impact the fashion industry?

As everything is going virtual now this shows that there will be an immense growth of E-Commerce sale and most of the brands will shift more towards online operations.

Q3. Are you planning to branch out your brand to casual wear?

Well, we are doing a lot of new ventures so stay tuned to know more!

Q4. What is the biggest challenge you face in your field of work?

There’s no such thing as ONE BIG CHALLENGE. In my 10 years experience And till date whenever I go to work I face plenty of new challenges that always keeps me going! That’s the fun part about my work!

Q5. How important is social media marketing these days and how does it change the business?

Social media marketing helps you to reach to a large amount of audience as its gives so many platforms to cater the right kind of consumer at the right time.

Q6. How has your marriage impacted you professionally? Does it bring more security or increases the pressure of responsibility in any way?

My marriage has been my biggest blessing. Myrah is now a part of our AXTS team and contributes immensely to grow our empire in every possible manner. Couldn’t have asked for a better support system.

Q7. How do you unwind from the work stress? Favourite hobby or time pass

I love listening to music and dance all of my stress off! TRUST ME IT DOES WONDERS!

Q8. How much is Mahira an inspiration in your upcoming designs now?

Instead of just being an inspiration, Myrah is now the backbone of my every collection and her hard work and delicacy reflects in all of my new designs.

Q9. What are your thoughts on the statement ‘customer is always right’?

Well, I believe that my customers always have the best choice and that is why they come to me for their BIG DAY. So yeah, the customer is always right.

Q10. Being surrounded by mostly girls at home and work, Do you find it overwhelming sometimes?

Umm, I’m sure being surrounded by girls can never be overwhelming enough. HAHAH.

Q11. Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In the next years I see myself exploring new boundaries of fashion and growing internationally.

Q12. Films or Fashion, which field in Pakistan promises upcoming talent more security in your opinion

Of course Both. They are equally promising.


Hope you enjoyed the interview! 

Let us know your feedback.


And ofcourse watch this space as this is just the beginning 🙏🏻

Featuring: @alixeeshanempire

Concept and Styling: @alixeeshantheatersudio

Photography: @faizanmir.official


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