Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!

In current times, it is normal to compare ourselves to infinite people, because of social media, there’s alot of room for comparison.

We see these beautiful images on social media, which are actually curated for the sole purpose of making lives ‘Look’ how we want them to look. We want people to know that we have the best lives, the best house, cars, bags, shoes, you name it. Even relationships are portrayed to be perfect! We see these pictures of couples with the sweetest caption ever and we go all aww but in reality every relationship suffers. Every relationship has it’s fair share of ups and downs. We’ve seen people be this perfect couple on social media but in reality they don’t even talk.

It’s a rat hole. It’s inevitable for us to NOT compare, but when you start valuing what you have, you’d end up not even paying much attention to who’s doing what.

Now, how do you stop constantly comparing yourself to others? Here are some useful tips that might work:

1- Unfollow and Refocus

It is safe to say that you are fixated on each of the 2,000 style bloggers you’re following and feeling awful about yourself since you can’t bear to wear another outfit each day? Unfollow any individual who causes you to feel terrible about yourself in any capacity whatsoever.


2- Recognize it’s harmful effects

Now, a very simple example, all of us know that cigarette is injurious to health, some of us do not smoke while some people knowingly do so. It’s ON you, whether you want to compare and damage your relationships or not


3- See your own success

In the race of life and always thriving to be better than the other, we forget how far we’ve reached from where we’ve come. The things we once wished for, we have them but we still do not value. If you focus on what you don’t have, you’ll feel baffled and desirous. If you center around what you do have rather, you’ll feel a lot more content.


4- Desire The Greater Things In Life

Love, modesty, liberality, compassion, these are the greatest fortunes. Free yourself from all worldly affairs, desire these things above everything.


5- Change Your Surrounding

As soon as you catch yourself comparing yourself to someone, change your surroundings, go for a walk, do anything that diverts your mind


6- Find Inspiration

It is totally okay to be inspired by others, don’t get jealous of their success but ask them how they’ve achieved what they have.  Once you’ll get to know them, they will share the truth, which may be a lot more “real” than you perceived.


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