Signs That Your Partner Is Over-Possessive

Do you have an over-possessive partner who always wants to keep a check of what you’re doing, where are you going, what are you wearing?

Shuru shuru mein toh everybody likes It, but after some time it can be really frustrating, we share with you some of the red flags that you might be ignoring

Signs Of A Posessive Partner:

1- You should pacify their desires constantly

Basically, if you don’t satisfy what your partner asks of you, there is damnation to pay through bothering, requesting or potentially passionate extorting.

2. They control where you go, when, and why

At whatever point you need to go out, get together with a friend or relative, or even do shopping, your partner inhales down your neck, they try their best to keep you in the house

3. They tail you

Your partner watches out for each seemingly insignificant detail you do, the sole purpose of following you. This may be checking your private messages, checking your social media accounts, your amount of followers, filtering out your followers, Coming at your place without telling.

4. They are tenacious

One key indication of a possessive beau is their inclination to feed to you that “you are the focal point of their life” to such an extent that they need no different companions or social associations since they have you.

5. They attempt to attack your friendships

They try their best to turn you against your friends. If you’ve had a fight with your friend, they’ll further manipulate you.

6. They don’t regard your own limits.

In a possessive relationship, individual space is once in a while an idea that is esteemed. They force themselves alot on you.

7. They get extremely jealous of other “ladies/men.”

If you’re in contact a man or lady, they need to know why. On the off chance that you get a call from another person, they need to know why. Basically sab kuch pata hona chahiyay inko.

Iss sab behaviour ko woh pyaar ka stamp lagwa kar approve karwatay hain. Poor you, fall in their trap

Now how to deal with possessive partners:

1- Gain Your Confidence And Self-Respect Back

Jee, try ki jiyay 👀

2- Have A Conversation With Your Partner

If you love them and want to spend the rest of your life with them, talk to them about the problems that you’re facing. Have an open conversation.

3- Give Them Some Time

If they say they’ll work on it, give them some time and notice if their behaviour is changing or not.

If they still don’t change, walk out of the relationship or either accept them with this behaviour, because there’s nothing you can do about it.


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