Are You A People Pleaser? Learn To Say No

Huge numbers of us battle to state no, dreading dismissal, outrage or simply the vulnerability of what the other individual’s reaction to it will be.

Particularly, growing up in a desi family unit, we’ve been raised to be accommodating person. We put others before we put ourselves yet we have to understand the significance of self-care.

Jee aik cheez hoti hai self consideration, jinka hamaray parents ko bilkul andaza nahi. Becharay apnay baray mai kabhi sochtay hee nahi.

If your life is so firmly pressed with others demands that you don’t possess energy for the main things you want to do for yourself  or if your emotional wellness is in danger – The time has come to roll out an improvement.


Consider the amount of time, effort and cash you have spent saying yes to things that you could have said no to. For what reason would you even need to place yourself in awkward circumstances?



In the event that you need to state no and still need the other individual to not feel awful, simply play with your words as opposed to a straightforward discourteous “No”

For example:

 I really appreciate you thinking of me, but I’ve just got too much on my plate right now.”

However, this doesn’t mean that we say “no” every time someone asks us for help. If you’re in a space to help, just do. If you say no to someone else’s request purely for selfish reasons, then yeah, you’re being selfish.



Never over complicate a situation by saying maybe if you need to say no.

A straight up no is unmistakably more better than making a wreck by tricking the other individual.


3- Offer An Alternative

If possible, you can compensate the person

For instance:

If somebody needs you to team up with them on work, introduce them with another person who may be interested.


4-Value Your Time

Time is truly everything. Put your time in individuals, circumstances you need to. Invest energy with individuals you esteem as opposed to sitting around idly on individuals you don’t want to invest time with.


5- Set limits

People who say yes to everything, people start taking them for granted. At the point when you disapprove of somebody you are telling them that you have limits. You are demonstrating that you regard yourself and that is the way you gain regard from others.


You do reserve a privilege to say NO when you realize it is the best answer, so don’t allow anybody to control or menace you out of it.


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