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#StopBullying: Tik Tok Star Areeka Haq The New Victim Of Cyber Bullying! – PEOPLE PAKISTAN

#StopBullying: Tik Tok Star Areeka Haq The New Victim Of Cyber Bullying!

Just few days after Indian Actor Sushant Singh’s debated and alleged suicide, Our people are at totally different page of mental health, cyber bullying and nepotism now.

Special thanks to actress Hania Amir for bringing it to our notice why we actually of missed.

Now lets break it down for you.

Asim Azhar released a teaser of a new song featuring a young upcoming artist and renowned tik tok star Areeka Haq.

Beautiful people, well shot BUT our people had only one thing to say,

Blatant crude and inappropriate comments on Areeka as for she doesn’t qualify to be featured as per these keyboard warriors.

Here are a few comments and trust us this will put all of us to shame.

After reading all this, we have two things in our head.

First, all that nepotism debate soaring to sky at the moment, this is what we do do when an upcoming new talent is encouraged. We don’t pave ways for newcomers, we are not accepting, we find flaws, we ridicule them, humiliate them, give them derogatory remarks and then become all saint by calling out nepotism and say that the industry doesn’t welcome outsiders.

Kudos to Asim Azhar for encouraging young talent and giving them platform.

Secondly, we all have been debating mental health and how it is important to take care of our mind as much as our physical self during this corona phase and in general. But then again, we go all nasty attacking others at the slightest chance.

Can you imagine how these hatred comments would impact a budding artist who is only 17!

We really need to asses and evaluate our thinking and then our actions.

We hope that we make this world worth living.


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