Things You Should Do For Yourself During Quarantine

We know being at home during this time of pandemic can suck now and then. Rather than being glued to your telephones or screens constantly, you can really utilize this opportunity to attempt various exercises which are super fun.


Compose A Journal

We’re really surviving a significant recorded occasion that individuals will learn and discuss for ages after this is finished. Composing a diary will help you save your recollections as well as will likewise assist you with handling your sentiments about this time, just let it all out.



You can figure out how to sew, cross-line, weave, sew, or tatt with a fledgling unit! It’s so much fun.


Tie-Coloring an Old T-Shirt

This has been drifting alot lately, find an old white T-shirt and patch up it, there are numerous recordings on youtube who can show you how to do it


Quarantine Art

Channel your sentiments by accomplishing something imaginative. Painting is a great way to express yourself.


Make Your Own Mask

Individuals are thinking of their own variants of facemask and it’s quite fun making them.


Bake A Cake

You always need a cake in fridge, especially in the time of quarantine.


Perfect your eyeliner game

You have all the time in the world right now to practice that perfect winged liner, no more excuses.


Brain Games

Keeping your mind active when you’re stuck in a quarantine can be stressful sometimes but Thankfully there are some fun and educational brain games to help you stay sharp.


Do you have more ideas? Do share with us!


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