These Two Characters From Sabaat Reminds Us Of Previously Played Characters

We’ve been right now snared to the drama Sabaat! Be that as it may, we saw that perhaps we have seen comparable characters onscreen previously

Mawra Hocane’s character as Anaya is fundamentally the same as Sanam Saeed’s character in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, the character as well as the story

The story rotates around the lives of two families which are total opposites. The young lady originates from a lower-working class family foundation and the guy is a ruined rich brat. Both don’t coexist with one another particularly because of the male lead jealous of her out-performing him, a topper up to that point. Nonetheless, The person attempts to fix up with her and eventually falls for her.

Excessively comparable, no?

Now coming to Sarah Khan’s character as Miraal, which is very similar to Mahira Khan’s character in Shehr-E-Zaat

Story rotates around a haughty, class cognizant and narcissistic kid to rich guardians. Having a place with the exclusive class she has consistently been the focal point of consideration and never been denied of anything. She never went over through strict brilliance and heavenliness.

In both the accounts, the nani has been a directing light, who continually caution both of the characters to quit acting the manner in which they do

Wouldn’t you say?


Well, let’s see how the rest of the story unfolds!

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