#SharingInspiringStories: Meet Bisma – “Living With Dwarfism”

We, at PeoplePakistan are sharing some incredibly inspiring real stories. If you’re going through similar situations, we hope you read and know that you are not alone.

Today, Bisma share with us how it’s like living as a little person.


” Today I am here to narrate my story. Introducing myself: I am Bisma Rahman, a girl who is blessed with all the blessings in the world. 

I have a medical condition called achondroplasia, also known as dwarfism but I am living life on my own terms. 

As I grew up my parents gave me the strength to fight against such battles. They made sure that my brother & I participated in whatever activities we wanted. 

However, living as a little individual resembles being the fundamental fascination at the carnival. At the point when I was a kid, I used to stroll into open places and sweep the space to make sense of who might be the first to state something and there was consistently somebody who did. They would murmur to one another. At the point when I looked, they would ­look away and attempt to hold their chuckling.

As I grew up, I have quit disguising my displeasure and begun guiding it outward, where it has a place. For what reason would it be a good idea for me to endure  the insults?

I am normal. I have the same thoughts, feelings and desires. The world treats me as if i’m someone different.

It took me a while not to trust the world’s opinion. What I believe is, if someone doesn’t respect you or don’t want to be your friend because of the way you look then they are not worth your friendship. If you don’t get the job because of how you look then that job isn’t worth it- thats the motto I have lived upon.

In 2017, I got in touch with a girl on Facebook, we became friends. She introduced me to her brother. We started chatting. Surprisingly, his height was short like mine. We introduced our families to each other through Skype because he was  living with his family in UK. Both families agreed to meet. After a year they visited Pakistan, we met and after a month we both got Married.

Presently it has been a long time since I got hitched and I’m living in UK with my better half and parents in law. I’m truly honored to have such minding parents in law. I think I got the prize of goodness as such astonishing spouse and parents in law. Don’t want more than this.

I have admirers around me, I continue rousing them with my accounts and things I have experienced throughout everyday life. They never made a fuss over what I look like. This gives me such an extensive amount inspiration to be remarkable and to appear as something else.

At last, I simply need to state that all these years, Allah has been exceptionally kind to me. Regardless of how diligently I attempt to express gratitude towards him, I don’t think I can thank him enough. I’m fortunate to be healthy and educated. I need to advise everybody to not laugh at somebody who isn’t like you. Maybe they are even better than you “


More power to you, Bisma! 

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