Excruciating Period Cramps? We can help

Until you have encountered horrible period cramps, you’ve not known torment

Also one that appears each month like that one annoying so called friend who calls only when he/she needs a favour

The most widely recognized reason for period cramps is the arrival of a hormone called prostaglandin, inside and around the uterus, which causes torment in the lower midriff, back, and legs

When should you visit the gynecologist?

At the point when the power of menstrual issues comes in the method for routine exercises, Individuals accept that taking medication to mitigate menstrual agony is unsafe, yet that can only take the pain away. Counsel a gynecologist before you taking help with discomfort medicine of any sort

Apart from Painkillers, these few things can help subside the pain


Hot Water Bottle

Applying warmth to your stomach area will jump-start the system and mitigate cramps; researchers even say that it has a similar impact as painkillers for as long as 60 minutes

Nourishments to diminish period cramps

Certain nourishment and enhancements can help limit manifestations of dysmenorrhea.

“Nutrient C, calcium, magnesium, nutrient E and zinc help with period cramps.
Stock up on nourishments, for example, yogurt, fish (particularly salmon), broccoli, nutty spread, eggs, pumpkin seeds and almonds.

They help direct hormones, ease water maintenance, diminish PMS, and decrease torment of issues.

Chocolate also helps, as though you need another motivation to get your chocolate on. In any case, it pays to know the science behind it: You’re losing loads of magnesium on your period, chocolate can assist you with recapturing that.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated helps with digestion, so you can process your meals better and faster. Avoid anything cold, be it cold water or cold drinks… a big no no! Drink luke warm water.

The good ol’ ajwain tea
A piping hot cup of ajwain tea or even regular hot tea can work wonders.


It’s been demonstrated that it’s typical for our rest cycle to get a little destroyed previously and during our periods. Absence of rest makes us grumpy so take rest and sleep well.


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