Coping With Pregnancy Loss? This Might Help

On the off chance that you were celebrating over a positive pregnancy test, adapting to an abrupt and unforeseen unnatural birth cycle can be troublesome. 

Naturally, you may feel a scope of feelings: tragic and dampened over the misfortune, irate and angry it happened to you 

You may experience difficulty eating and dozing ,You may cry a great deal, or you may not cry by any means. These are all among the numerous common, solid reactions to a pregnancy misfortune. Keep in mind: Your response is what’s typical for you.



Understand How You’re Feeling

Your feelings may range from:


Give yourself space to grieve.

Share What You’re Feeling

Sharing your emotions transparently with your partners, instead of attempting to secure one another, can help you both mend.


To keep your mind present, practice meditation which research has shown to be extremely helpful in managing distress and other negative emotions. Fill your day with routines and tasks that give you a sense of pleasure and achievement

Remember You Can Conceive 

You will hear this a lot and it will do little to console you. However, it is important to find a way to hold on to this fact. God is kind, he will soon bless you with a baby. Never lose hope!

Know That You’re Not The Only One Experiencing This Pain

it’s a club no one ever wants to be in but once you’re in, you realize almost everybody you know was already a member. There are others out there going through the same situation

Find the positive

Waiting for a positive pregnancy test can be stressful, fill this time with hobbies. Cooking, painting, baking, whatever makes you happy

Even if you’re constantly trying and can’t conceive, know that Allah is watching, he knows of your pain and he is never unjust. You’ll soon be rewarded for your patience.





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