Best 5 Performances In Recent Times

In some cases it is the drama that makes the star but there are other times, it is the actor who makes the drama a hit

and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that all these actors, who we are going to mention, play a vital role in the success of these dramas.

1- Ayeza Khan in #MerePaasTumHo


Having appeared in almost 30 drama serials, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ayeza Khan delivered the performance of her lifetime as the controversial Mehwish, We applaud ayeza for owning this character, with all it’s flaws. Ayeza was spectacular in her role as Mehwish, a grey character. Her act exudes so much naturalism, that even after what she did, at the end, we did feel bad for mehwish.

2- Ahad Raza Mir in #YeDilMera

Ahad Raza Mir debut in Sammi was not too long ago, in such a short span of time, this guy has nailed every character he played onscreen but this time his performance as Amaan is terrific, his swift change from psycho to sweet in a jiffy is what keeps the audience on edge!

3- Sajal Ali in #Alif and #YeDilMera

Sajal Aly is a powerhouse performer, the world knows and has witnessed that. She is phenomenal in every performance. This time, her two dramas, Alif and Ye Dil Mera were aired simultaneously. In Alif, Sajal Aly stars as a struggling actress, Momina Sultan. Whereas in Ye Dil Mera, her character, Noor ul Ain, a young, girl next door to now someone who is now trying to understand her husband’s volatile behaviour towards her, both her performances are loved tremendously by the audience.

4- Humayun Saeed In #MerePaasTumHo

Our industry is yet to fully utilise so much of the untapped potential of this brilliant actor! Humayun Saeed put up a scintillating act as Danish in ‘ Mere Paas Tum Ho’ a guy who’s whole world revolves around his wife Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) and son Roomi.

5- Hamza Ali Abbasi in #Alif

Well, we were not really a fan of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s work before Alif. Yes, we did love him as “Salah-ul-din” in Mann Mayal but that was it. But this time, he made sure that he bids goodbye to the industry with one last phenomenal performance that makes us want to see him onscreen again! Hamza fits in the character as “Momin” so effortlessly as if he plays himself in the drama.

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