5 Fun Ideas For Your Girls Night In

Are you missing your girl gang and if you’ve made plans to meet up with your girl gang, you might want to prevent stepping out because of corona panic?

What you can do instead is make the most of the cosy climate and spend the day indoors with your gal pals.

If you’re wondering what you can possibly do to catch up and have a good bonding session, we’ve got a few ideas. Get your notebooks out and make a list of these 5 fun activities for your girl’s day out or night in!

1- Have A Dance Party

Loosen your inhibitions, turn up the volume and dance like there’s no one watching. Because, outside of your girl gang, no one is.

2- Make It Spa Night

Turn on a track list of instrumental music, set some green tea to brew, slather on the face masks and soak your feet for a pedicure. It’s a great time to just take some time off from the week that was to rejuvenate with your ladies in a homemade spa sesh.

3- Cook Together

The only way to really enjoy a dinner together is to make it from scratch. Look through the internet for easy to make pizzas, pastas and salads, designate the work and get started.

4- Turn Back Time

The best you can do is take a walk down memory lane. Think of all the embarrassing moments you guys had together and share a laugh. Nothing beats this.

5- Play Games

Play Ludo, monopoly or ono for a fun time with your girls.


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