IS This How Mere Paas Tum Ho Going To End?

We all know the share of controversies attached with this mega serial

But lets admit it, Mere Paas Tum Ho is a phenomena!

Ticket counters are ringing since the day it was announced that last mega episode is to be screened in the cinemas

While we have decided to sit and watch on our television screen at home, all we can think right now is what will be the ending like?

So here is what our team thinks what’s gonna happen

1.Mehwish Going To Die

It is very well decided by everyone almost that one main character is going to die so our first prediction is Mehwish is going to die. Not that we already saw a picture of Ayeza floating on internet hinting on that but….

We think that by her death the writer would want to justify karma and maybe put a little guilt in Danish’s character of not letting it go and making peace with her and forgiving.

Because when a girl can forgive a man, why not the other way round.

(It’s our prediction please dont pass fatwas)

2.Danish Dies

Very predictable but common man’s mind man.

It could be for a lesson to Mehwish that life can be cruel and you may not get what you want, ever maybe.

Or maybe karma.

But thats unfair for Danish and Rumi no? 😭

3.Danish forgives Mehwish but marries Teacher Hania

This could be a way to tell that one cannot fight destiny and probably get away with just anything. Mehwish might be forgiven by Danish but he can’t forget that she left him at his shallowest times.

And also that bad karma and good karma works, like in case of Hania and Mehwish (if that works). Mehwish remains lonely for life.

4.Rumi dies

Death of the child could maybe bring them back together as they will be at their lowest and could find comfort within each other and maybe it helps them forget the dark past and move on.

5.Shehwar comes to Mehwish

It could be that Shehwar comes to Mehwish and just to not make Danish double minded on marrying Hania, she once again chooses Shehwar for the heck of it (like first she chose him and she has to choose him, sacrifice type). And Danish moves on with Hania.

Mehwish always lives with guilt and Danish flourishes in his life.

So here are the five endings in our mind! Let us know what you be thinking

Honestly, at the moment we can’t think of any happy ending where all characters might stay happy. Such is life.

All we can say is we will be pleasantly surprised if the ending is nothing like the above 5 mentioned!

Can’t wait to catch the episode tonight!

No matter how much we disagree with the story and views of the show, The craze is REAL!

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