Top 10 News Makers Of 2019!

Every year, there are somethings which take our attention more than usual

No, we aren’t talking about Fawad Khan or Ranbir Kapoor’s movies!

But Our Top 10 News Of the Year 2019!

With this year coming to an end, Here are Top 10 News of 2019 which made us jump from our seats,

Some in surprise, Some in shock and Some in dismay!

1. Abhinandan’s Capture and Release!

Year 2019 didn’t start on a really good note between Neighbours Pakistan and India.

In February, the disputed Himalayan region, Kashmir, brought nuclear-armed India and Pakistan to the brink of a new war.

During this conflict, Pakistan shot down 2 Indian Jets in Pakistan-administered Kashmir and captured their pilot Abhinandan.

After his capture, the Pakistani military released a video showing him sipping a cup of tea and politely refusing to answer questions.

His treatment and humble words for Pakistan’s hospitality won hearts and news column everywhere!

And ofcourse memes!

2. The Royal Visit to Pakistan

In September, It was announced that their Royal Highness Prince William and Kate Middleton will be making their way to Pakistan for their first official visit to the country

and we were just too excited!!
Termed as the ‘highly successful’ tour in US Papers, the five day tour won the royal’s hearts and their beautiful images won ours!

Here are few of our favourite images!

Ahhh We are in Love All Over Again!! 

3. Hamza Ali abbasi and Naimal Khawar Wedding

Sometime in August this year, a lone wedding card surfaced on internet and everyone thought it was some promotional gimmick for the actors upcoming project!

Yes this one! The media was in frenzy and then came Hamza’s official statement on how it was true and they were indeed getting married in 2-3 days!

While everyone was thinking that were they ever friends before?!
All we have to say is, this is one couple who got a unanimous Yes from the audience!
Cmon, they do look picture perfect together!

And their simple wedding did make a statement in its own way!
Here are few lovely pictures of the couple from their special day and a special year!

4. Imran Khan’s Speech at UNGA

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s maiden speech to the UN General Assembly went on for about 50 minutes, far exceeding the 15-20-minute time limit won accolades from everywhere, well almost.

From not reading from paper to getting straight with India and raising Kashmir’s issue to talking about Climate change, Imran Khan’s speech also became the most viewed speech of any leader from UNGA forum on Youtube.
Right now its at 1.3 M views and counting!!

5. Arrest of Known Politicians of the Country

Pakistan’s Nab and related bureaus are at their top of the game this year!
From Zardari to Nawaz Sharif, many and many leaders and politician were put behind the bars in different cases, mainly corruption!


6.Abid Ali Passing Away

Admist the chaos, We lost our legendary Actor Abid Ali this year due to his ailing health.

We will miss you Sir and you will live forever through your outstanding work and contribution to Pakistani’s entertainment industry.

7. Momin Saqib and His videos through World Cup!

Lets face it, its the world of memes! And this guy, Momin Saqib, a Pakistani, gave us some real gems this year!

Ofcourse, We relate to him! Ek dum sub badal diya😭

Thankyou for giving us some best memes of the year!! 

8. Spiritual Awakening of Our Celebrities

Hamza Ali Abbasi announced his acquittal form the entertainment industry due to his spiritual awakening last month.
While everyone was expecting his acquittal to be because of politics, this news left everyone surprised.

To add more to it, Actress Kubra Khan also in an interview with BBC last month said that she might consider leaving the entertainment world as its not balancing with her thoughts.
Not that we are anyone to comment, but this is something special and we wish them all the best!

9. Mere Paas Tum Ho and Its Stellar Scenes/Dialogues

 Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui and Aiza Khan’s #MerePaasTumHo is breaking TRP records every week since it went on air! 

And rightly so, with not a very complex storyline, the projection of the show is superlative!
Kudos to the director, writer, producer, actors and especially the dialogue writers of the show!
This show is definitely not ‘Do Takkay Ka’

Loving the shows and all its memes, Big Time!

10. People Pakistan Came Back In 2019!

Most of our followers are aware that our Instagram account was gone for 4 long months!
Around November 2018, People Pakistan’s account was disabled by Instagram and after SO MUCH effort, We eventually got our account back in March 2019!

Ahhh, Definitely the biggest and best News for us!

Here was our round up of the Year 2019 and Its Top 10 News!
Let us know if we missed anything!

For more updates stay tuned to People Pakistan!




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