Remembering APS Massacre

16 December 2014, one of the darkest day in history.

Army Public School, Peshawar, came under attack. The devastating Taliban attack left at least 141 people dead, including 132 children and nine members of staff.

Seven terrorists burst in and opened fire, killing many of the young victims at point-blank range and detonating bombs around the school.

It’s been 6 years since the tragedy. 

Humans of Pakistan uploaded stories of some of the survivors of the attack back then

They discussed how terrifying the experience was, and how at that moment, they thought they were going to die.

“ We were in between lessons during our first class, when we suddenly heard the sound of shooting. It was very aggressive noise. We did not have time to even imagine what it could be. Within moments as the noise got closer to our class room our teacher told us to hide beneath our desks.
“Get under your desk, fast, get under your desk,” she said. Some of us cowered. Some of us stood confused and panicked. The whole classroom started asking our teacher “what is happening”.

Screaming children from the classrooms next door shocked us. It scared me so much, I could not even scream.

Our teacher was just about to lock the door when three militants stormed in the door.

They were already shooting, and I saw my teacher and class fellows immediately get hurt. Some of my friends started falling down (after being hit). Many of us went under our tables.

I knew I was going to die and started crying. Everyone was crying but no one (in my class) tried running away. They shot my class fellows in the head, in the chest, on their arms, on the legs and in the stomach. Everyone was on the ground. Maybe, they knew many of us were alive. Then they started shooting straight in the skull.

Bullets went over our heads. My best friend and class bench partner Irfan Ullah told me, “pretend we are dead.” I was shaking with fear. Our seats are in the last row of the classroom.


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