Which one is your favorite? ALIF OR MERE PASS TUM HO?

Saturday is fast approaching and what better way to spend our Saturday night than glued to our TV screens in the coziness of our homes.

It’s hard for us to decide what to watch on Saturdays because 2 of our favorite dramas air at the same time! You must have guessed it by now:- Yes, we are talking about Tum Mere Pass Ho and ALIF!  

Do you feel compelled to watch tum mere pass ho with its stellar cast (Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui & Aiza Khan) and mind blowing dialogues or are you intrigued in watching ALIF’s gripping storyline and amazing cinematography?

Both dramas have a class of their own. While tum mere pass ho airs on ary digital, it sheds light upon a cheating wife and an adoring husband. This is an unusual story where Humayun Saeed plays the protagonist; Adnan Siddiqui plays the alluring antagonist. Dialogues of this epic drama have already taken us by storm and the credit goes to Khalil ur rehman qamar who has written the script and who was in the news lately for all the wrong reasons (Yes, we’re talking about his infamous remarks on feminism)

ALIF on the other hand plays on Geo entertainment. The eminent Umera Ahmed wrote this Novel, which was adapted into a drama. Sajal Aly plays the lead, and OH BOY she is doing a phenomenal job playing the role of momina; a struggling actress. This appears to be the last drama of Hamza Ali Abbasi as he bids farewell to entertainment industry! (We’ll miss you hamza!). Ahsan Khan and Kubra Khan play supporting roles. This drama was shot in turkey and it is a treat for sore eyes with its beautiful cinematography.

Folks, do let us know which drama you’re watching this Saturday and why?
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