Is ALIF the reason behind Hamza Ali Abbasi and Kubra Khan Leaving The Entertainment Industry?

Since Hamza Ali Abbasi announced that he has a very special decision to share with his fans, Everybody was quite expecting that it would be him bidding farewell to the entertainment world.

However the real shocker for most of the fans and public was the reason behind it. Contrary to rumors that Hamza could be joining politics, it came out that it was actually his spiritual awakening that led him to take this final call.

In a 23 minute video titled ‘From Atheism to Islam’, Hamza explained that he is quitting Pakistan showbiz industry and instead will now spend his life to talk about Allah and spread the message of Islam through every medium. He added that if he will produce any documentary or movie or drama it will be about Islam.

He said,

“Whatever purpose of life I kept thinking of, be it in politics or showbiz, I saw it end with my death… So what if I win an Academy Award someday? I’ll still die… we all will.”

He added, “I look at all my trophies, that mattered a lot to me because it was the symbol of my hard work being rewarded, and I wonder about what these awards will mean after I die. To my children and grandchildren, these will mean nothing, they’re just pieces of metal.”

Hamza let everyone know that he will be making numerous videos for his YouTube account, all discussing various topics related to religion and faith. He practically is planning to devote his life towards spreading the message of Islam.

Now just week after Hamza’s acquittal, Actress Kubra Khan is in news yet again for similar reason.

In a recent interview with Haroon Rashid of BBC Asian Network, Kubra Khan shared that if she isn’t able to strike a balance between her work life and religious understanding following her spiritual awakening, she will consider moving on from this field.

“I think I had this spiritual awakening where money and materialistic things and success and fame and all of that – of course, it’s part of our world – but I can’t take this anywhere with me. These awards aren’t going to hold any value in front of the “big guy” up there, On my death bed, I don’t want to be scared to face my Lord.” Kubra said in her interview.

We definitely believe this is one’s totally own decision and on one should be commenting. However, We wonder if their current ongoing television drama “Alif” has to do anything with their decision and their new spiritual journey.

The much awaited and now one of the most loved and watched on air show Alif is getting praises from all the corners. Its basic message is on lines of Oneness of God and how ultimately the afterlife is what matters and the futility of this life.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Kubra Khan, both are integral part of this show and going by the story, we wonder if the show had the actual influence on the lives of both the actors.

Speaking about her ongoing drama Alif, Kubra commented, “Alif was Godsend, that’s all I can say. Alif came to at a point where I was not in the best place to be really honest. I was in a dark place in my life at that point – because obviously you’re just shutting yourself off from everybody, I was kind of like ‘do I even want to be a part of the industry?’ I was going through that kind of mindset. So when Alif came and I read the script, I fell in love with my character, Husn-e-Jahaan.”

Whereas Hamza in his video added, “I only did Alif becuase of the message it had about God or else Maula Jutt would’ve been my last project.”

All we want to add now is we are too excited for Alif to unwrap and experience any spiritual influence that might reflect through this show.

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