Reporting Most Outrageous Looks From Met Gala 2019!

We look forward to Met Gala every year maybe more than the Oscars red carpet

Because our innate fashion police gets too excited !

Though What we love the most are the outrageous ones of all!

To say the least, The year’s Met Gala didn’t disappoint us at all!

Lets give you a round up of the most whackiest and outlandish looks according to us!

1.Lady Gaga

She’s the queen of such fashion snd everyone else is just a minion!

This time she did not do 1 or 2 looks but straightaway 4 looks in designer Brandon Maxwell creations at a stretch!

Oh boy, we love Lady Gaga as much the drama she creates!

2.Katy Perry

Moschino and Katy Perry put up quite a lit show yesterday (pun intended)

And if this wasnt enough, she also become one not so appetising burger!

3.Jared Leto

Umm this was creepy but definitely made heads turns and not just the one in his hand! Jared Leto in Gucci making quite a statement at Met Gala last night

4.Priyanka Chopra

Lets just say She knows how to become the memes favourite! Because apart from the memes this look doesn’t really go anywhere! 😭

5.Billy Porter

Talk about being extra and here is Billy Porter for you! We dont think we need to even dissect what we feel about this look!

6.Cardi B

Wrapped around in the red carpet on the red carpet, Here we have Cardi B!

One of the whackiest one for sure!

Which look according to you was the most outlandish?! Let us know!

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