Mothers Day Special: 5 Iconic Onscreen Mothers!

Every Drama/Film is incomplete without a character of a mother in it, just like in real life! Mothers are the most selfless, caring and beautiful human beings.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, we look at some of the most iconic onscreen mother characters (wonderful and vile) played by some of the great actresses of all time!

Samina Peerzada

Definitely the most popular among them all, Samina Peerzada has played some great mother characters in dramas!

From ” Durr-e-Shehwar “

” Zindagi Gulzar Hai “

to her recent drama ” Balaa ” to name a few!

She has been everybody’s favourite onscreen mother!

Atiqa Odho

Most iconic of them all!

Atiqa Odho in Humsafar is that one mother nobody can ever forget, EVER!

Bushra Ansari

Actress par excellence, Bushra Ansari, who is not only an amazing actress but an amazing writer and singer aswell, infact, maybe we can now call her a rapper aswell.

Her role of a vile mother in Bilquees Kaur is memorable

Also, her character in Udaari portrayed a strong character aswell 

Samiya Mumtaz as Sajida Bibi in Udaari

A strong, independent character of a mother portrayed in the drama! A mother who almost killed a man who raped her daughter.

Asma Abbas

Last but not the least, Asma Abbas (who is Bushra Ansari’s sister) recently played the role of a mother in “Raanjha Raanjha Kardi” which is getting alot of love from the audience!

Let us know your favourite onscreen mother in the comments below!


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