Ali Zafar posts screenshot of Meesha Shafi’s message!

There’s another twist in Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi’s episode!

Ali Zafar just posted a screenshot of a message from Meesha on the same day she claimed to be harassed by the actor

Earlier on a TV show, Meesha denied sending a message about the “Jam session” but the screenshot shows a complete different story

Here it is

Ali also shared the screenshots of the Instagram users voicing their support for Meesha Shafi, claiming that the profiles had been fake

‘Here is the evidence to show how a narrative was being planted through fake accounts using pictures of women who didn’t even know about it. People tagged are worth noticing. Naturally, all these accounts are now shutting down after the matter has been take up by the FIA. #crime,’ 

Things are getting clear now! What are your thoughts?


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