Alia Bhatt Inspired By Our Very Own Sanam Saeed And How

Zindigi Gulzar Hai will always remain an iconic show in Pakistan’s drama history

We mean we can still watch the unconventional love story between Zaroon and Kashaf on repeat

However, the influence of this show has crossed boundaries now!

Bollywood’s reigning queen Alia Bhatt recently revealed that she has infact drawn inspiration from Sanam Saeed’s character in Zindigi Gulzar Hai to prepare for her role in her upcoming film ‘Kalank’.

Alia says “I watched a lot of old films like ‘Mughal-E-Azam‘ and ‘Umrao Jaan‘ to get an understanding of grace and body language. (And) I had to clean my Hindi as I am speaking Urdu (in the film). Abhishek asked me to watch ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. The character of the girl (Kashaf played by Sanam Saeed) in the show is very much how Roop will deal with the situation. She has responsibility on her shoulders so she is not always a happy person. She is vulnerable yet strong. It is difficult (to bring so many) layers – unhappy, vulnerable and strong to a character. Abhishek kept saying that I should be irritating.”

All we can say is Sanam’s portrayal as Kashaf was an indeed award worthy performance and an even strong character written by Umera Ahmed!

Way to go guys!

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