6 Steps ” At Home Facial “

Our skin is a BIG DEAL– literally. Have you noticed, when our skin looks good, we start to feel more confident?


Professional facials are great but they can also be expensive. Why pay for one when you can do a facial yourself at home?


Here’s our 6 step guide to our sunday facial routine



An ice cube is the ultimate answer to all your worries! Fold a thin napkin over a few cubes of ice and dampen it with some water. Dab it on your face for five to 10 mins


After icing, cleanse your face. Use a dollop of your favourite cleanser and massage onto damp skin for a minute

Step 3: STEAM

If you have a steamer, that will do wonders. But if you need to go the DIY route, put a towel over your head and hold your face over a pot of steaming hot water. Breathe in and out for five minutes to let the steam work its magic


This cannot be skipped. Apply the scrub on your face, leave it on for five minutes and then scrub around your nose and chin, and in an upward motion from your cheeks to the temples, wash with cold water after 10 minutes. You can make a homemade scrub, trust us, it works better than the chemical one


It’s time to put your favourite face pack! We recommend charcoal mask as it will further exfoliate the skin.

Step 6: End with a Sheet Mask

After exfoliating, tightening and detoxing, your skin can feel raw, the best way to deal with it is to use a sheet mask (rice sheet mask works best) to put the moisture back into your skin. Listen to your favourite song for 20 min and then take it off!


That’s about it! Tried and tested, we love this at home-facial more than we do the salon one!

Thank us later, maybe?

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