SRK and Malala’s sweet Twitter Conversation!

Last year Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan revealed that he has been invited to give a speech at the Oxford University. Speaking to an indian daily, the actor said, “I love to talk. Whenever someone invites me to deliver a speech, I always consider it an opportunity. I have been to Yale earlier (in 2012) and now, I have received an invitation from Oxford. I’ll go if I have the time and if it fits into my scheme of things.”

Alan Rusbridger, Principal of the Oxford University invited King Khan to deliver a lecture to his students in 2016 via twitter

Now, Malala Yousafzai also took to twitter, reminding SRK about the offer and also saying that she’s still waiting for his response

King Khan was quick to respond, he said

Well well, seems like Malala is a SRK fan too… but hey, who isn’t? 💕

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