Birthday Special: 5 Lesson We Learned From PM Imran Khan!

Here’s wishing youth’s favourite PM IK a very Happy Birthday!

We absolutely love him and we know you love him too!

We list down 5 lesson we learned from the legend:

1- Never compromise on your dreams

From being an amazing cricketer who brought us WorldCup, to opening the first cancer hospital in Pakistan to being the Prime Minister Of Pakistan, PM IK never compromised on his dreams. So boys and girls, do what you want.


If we look at PM IK’s life, his whole life has been a struggle but the one thing which remain consistent is his ” never give up ” attitude. From bringing world cup home to being the PrimeMinister after 22 years of struggle, this man never gives up!

3- Never listen to your haters



Never listen to what others think of you, do your own thing and if you have faith in yourself, you can be and do anything in the world. When Imran Khan came into politics, no one supported him, when he wanted to open Shaukat Khanam, no one believed that he could, but he didn’t listen to any of them.

4- Be ready to sacrifice

Everything costs you something. In his case, he had to compromise on living away from his kids. He chose to fight for his country.

5- Believe In Yourself

Most importantly, Khan taught us that we can achieve anything we want but first we need to believe in ourself. If we don’t believe in our vision, no one else will.

These are just 5 reasons, we can go on and on and on…

Wish #PMIK a very Happy Birthday in the comments below!

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