” Udaari was my life story ” – Hina Altaf opens up about being abused by mother

We admire celebrities who share their own struggle journey with the world, so people who are in a similar state as them can relate and eventually know that there’s always a way out and giving up should not be an option.

Those of you who watched drama “Udaari” knows that it was the first drama in Pakistan which highlighted the issuse of child abuse!

We all know almost every other girl child, even boys in Pakistan has someway or the other been harassed in a way. It surely leaves an impact on the victim.

Just recently, Hina Altaf, who also happened to play the role of the sexually abused child victim in Udaari revealed that she too could relate to her role in a way as she too had experienced something similar.

In an interview with Samina Peerzada, the actress revealed:

“When I was doing my court scene for Udaari, where I had to talk about all that my character had been through, it was something that was familiar to me. The emotions I went through, you can say that I am familiar with how a girl feels when she goes through something like that…

Hina shared heart wrenching truth about her mother’s mental illness and how she would beat her up

” Ever since I was born, my mother has been mentally disturbed, she went through certain things due to which she lost her balance in life. There’s a disease called schizophrenia and my mother has gone through it. There were times when my mom used to think when I left home for work I wasn’t actually going to the shoot but somewhere else. When I used to come back home from shoot, she would beat me up, a lot and would call me a PROSTITUTE

The actress said that these issues were taking a toll on her mental health and that she was going through extreme stress and depression and couldn’t even shoot for her scenes

“I was going through extreme stress and extreme depression; I couldn’t sleep at night thinking someone would walk into the room or something would happen. I would wake up at 4 or 5 am due to fear.”

That’s when she contacted this doctor named “DR Alam” who took her out of depression, anxiety and gave her wings to fly. She said he completely changed her emotionally, mentally, physically.

That’s when she left her family house and because she was financially independent, she moved into a new house all by herself. That’s when she started to feel better but she made sure that she provide and help her family in every way she could financially. 

Here’s a little saying that she used multiple times in the interview, that was said to her by DR Alam:

“One life, One Chance, One Opportunity”

We really admire Hina for coming out and sharing her story with the world, we all need that one person like DR Alam in Hina’s life to help us be a better person, to help us deal with our problems.

So please reach out to your friends or people who you think are going through depression, let’s try and help them.

and those who are going through depression or are in a similar state like Hina’s, there’s always a way out. Face your problems, kill them. Reach out to people.

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