People Respond To Alia Bhatt Giving Photography Credits To RK And We Are In Splits!

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s relation has definitely become a topic of excessive media attention

And why not?!

It definitely came as a surprise to many, or we may say a shock

However what really is getting to everyone are the unapologetic photography credits by Alia to her new friend in life, RK!

YAS guys she means Ranbir Kapoor!

Have a look! (Few of too many!)

Honestly, what people are commenting is just so more interesting!

Some contemplating Ranbir’s profession 

While some still got feelings for this cameraman

Some being pure honest 

Whereas Some are giving kick ass suggestions 

But the best of all 

This one absolutely left us like


However we have noticed the person who appreciates the most! Its is none other than Mommmy!!! 

Because all moms are like the sameee!


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