Kylie Jenner Had Cereal For The First Time And Nobody Can Keep Calm Since Then!

There has been no bigger new than this anywhere today!

No we are not talking about the highly publicized Nawaz Sharif’s return

Or even India-Pakistan match at Asia Cup 



Kylie Jenner had cereal and milk for the first time (apparently) and its was ‘Life Changing’ for her

YES guys, this piece of info made it to international headlines and breaking news

It was trending everywhere that at some point we literally thought

But But this tweet actually caused a stir in the cereal bowl if we may say, And the reactions are pure GOLD!

Here are some of our fav!!

Some just couldn’t help but appreciate her achievement 

Some suggesting her to be more daredevil 

Some questioning their existence

Some even questioning her existence

Some already predicting her future endeavors 

While some really are just curious

Some inspired to live life king size

However the best one is an eye opener

Umm Kylie must be like

Honestly we just loved the reactions! Let us know your thoughts

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