King Khan Reveals He Wanted To Quit Few Months Back!!

Can you ever think that Shahrukh Khan can just one day Quit acting and all that onscreen romance

No Right?! Well one day this thought actually flashed in his mind!!

Here is what he has to say!!

Talking about the same, SRK shared, “It was around August 15 or 16. I woke up in the morning… I felt like not going to work. I wanted to cancel everything. I thought I have done so much, now I should stop everything and quit whatever I have been doing,” adding, “I switched on the TV and all of a sudden, an interview of Deepa Malik flashed on the screen. I started watching it. When I watched her interview, she made me realise how wrong I was feeling about quitting everything.”

He further added , “When I look at these athletes, I feel like I am doing so less in front of them. These para athletes are the true epitome of confidence and hard work.”

Knowing SRK and his love for his kids, the actor expressed his thoughts on wanting his kids to take inspiration from the para athletes. The actor said, “I want my kids (though AbRam is so young) to get inspired from these players and I want to make them learn how to be confident and how to keep up the spirit of working hard always.”

Well Shahrukh Khan, You should never think like that! It will leave your millions of fans really really disappointed!

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