Katrina Kaif FINALLY Likes Alia Bhatt’s Instagram Post

It’s been a while that Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s link up rumors are doing rounds.

While we got major ‘yes’ vibes from both sides ie open statements about each others, family get togethers, social media love and affection and a lot more STILL the relationship is yet to be confirmed.

However one thing that totally caught everyone’s attention was the distance noticed between once good or maybe we can say once BFFs Katrina Kaif (Ranbir’s ex) and Alia Bhatt (most probably Ranbir’s present)

Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt who very openly confessed their fondness for each other now took a back step.

The most noteable thing was that Katrina Kaif had stopped liking Alia’s instagram pictures!

Where as Alia Bhatt did so all this time!

Now however we see something’s changing.

Katrina Kaif after so long just liked Alia’s picture!


Well we don’t know whats the truth to Alia-Ranbir angle as yet but two things are for sure

1.There’s no smoke without fire!

2. These girls are really maintaining the dignity in public’s eye so Kudos to them!

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