7 Reasons Why Bebo Will Always Remain ‘Subke Favourite’

Do you know who’s the 4th Khan who is going to be eternal in Bollywood?

No not Saif Ali Khan or Irrfan Khan

It is everyone’s favourite Kareena Kapoor Khan


With limited shelf life, actresses come and go, but Bebo is forever! Still going strong and how!

To celebrate her 38th birthday today, We list down 7 things that make Bebo not only hers

But everyone’s favourite!

1.Unapologetically loves herself!

Cmon we all love ourselves, but have you ever met or seen anyone who love themselves so much and then openly admit it too?

Well thats Bebo for us, No wonder ‘Main Apni Favourite Hoon’ dialogue is definitely fit for this diva!

2.Always, Always speaking her mind fearlessly

Kareena Kapoor is one actress who never tries to be diplomatic! Love it or hate it, Bebo is just going to be pure honest with everyone.

Whether it was her comment on Priyanka Chopra

Or Her take on then Ranbir-Katrina relation 

Though it does create a stir in her life later!

3.A Stellar Actress

Well we can’t take that away from Kareena Kapoor. Like she says Talent prevails, In her case it surely did. Apart from everything, Acting comes naturally to Bebo and we can only rate her acting skills as phenomenal!

4.A Trendsetter

Whether its Geet’s patiala shalwars or Tashan’s size zero or to more recently making pregnancy a fashion statement, Bebo is a trendsetter in all means!

No one wonder everyone girl says ‘Shaadi karunge likin

5.Openly Admitting Being In Love

Kareena Kapoor has been one actress who portrayed things as they were, even in her personal life.

We love her for openly admitting her love for Saif Ali Khan, Because honestly this only make them more of a power couple that they already are!

6.Making Pregnancy The Normal Thing Ever

Be it walking ramps during pregnancy

Or doing magazine covers

Or even plunging straight into work after giving birth to her baby

In that Fab body

Kareena Kapoor proved that pregnancy or raising a baby in no way means that you have to let go of your career and we totally, totally thank her for making the women of today realize this in this part of the world!

7.For giving the world Taimur Ali Khan

We bet no star kid in the world has gotten this kind of media attention and overall love the kind Baby Taimur gets on daily basis!

From his early pictures 

To Now

This baby lights up our insta profile daily and we definitely give credit to our favourite Kareena Kapoor for that!

Let us know what makes you love Bebo!

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