5 Reasons Why Humsafar Clicked Big Time!

Do you remember DDLJ?

Ofcourse you do!

Similarly, no one can forget Humsafar ever!

It’s DDLJ of Pakistan!!


Humsafar completes 7 years today and we are just too sentimental at the moment!

Because honestly we can never get over this masterpiece by Sarmad Khosat!

Here are 5 Reasons why this show will go deep down in Pakistan’s entertainment industry!


1.Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan

Probably the most gorgeous couple our entertainment has ever produced or could ever produce, Fawad and Mahira have become the power couple which no one can ever dislike!



2.Purity of Relations

One of the reason it struck the right chord was the simplicity and purity of the story and characters. No matter if it was a negative or a positive one, it was the most closest to reality. Subtle nuances and reluctance made every scene so lovable.

3.Super Amazing Dialogues 

Got the feel right?

Here’s another!

Well we don’t need to say anything now!

4.The direction

How can we not mention the mastermind behind this show! Sarmad Khoosat brought out the best of everyone on this show and thus he deserves all the praises!!

5.Humsafar’s OST

Soothing, soulful and magical, these words describes this song the best and we cannot help but put it on repeat!

Let us know what you loved the most in this show!

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