5 Reasons Why Birthday Girl Mawra Hocane Is Our Fav!

Social media superstar and an actor par excellence, Mawra Hocane is a household name now

And honestly no matter how many people find her too over the top, We absolutely adore her!!

Here are 5 Reasons which will also make you fall for this birthday girl!!

1.She Completely Dotes on her Family

No matter how much she has achieved, Mawra comes across as a complete family girl who loves her parents and siblings unconditionally! So so relateable and endearing!

2.Always Supporting Her Contemporaries!

When we only hear about cat fights and hostility between fellow actresses, Mawra Hoacne is lways going the extra mile to appreciate and support her contemporary actresses! Talk about women empowerment!

Way to go Girl!

3.Always the first one speak up on our Nation’s Concerns

Whether its political, or a natural disaster, or cricket, Mawra knows her words make a difference and she always makes a point that it benefits the society! We love her for this!

Here are few times Mawra supported and addressed national crisis!

4.Beauty with Brains

Be it Sanam Teri Qasam or Sammi or Jawaani Phir Nahi Ani, this Hocane very well knows her craft.

And its not just that, She is a distinction holder and a laywer as well! Juggling studies and acting together!


5.Our mutual love for Ranbir Kapoor!

Mawra loves Ranbir and so do we, So this has to be something why we completely adore Mawra 

And just FYI they share their birthday too!!! Yas 28th September it is!!!

Wish Mawra Hocane a very happy birthday in the comments!

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